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Looking to partner with an upscale yet accessible niche lifestyle brand?
Partner with Second City Soiree!

I'm happy to offer a multitude of options for visual ads, giveaways, product reviews, and more.  Together we
can develop a campaign that works for you.

Naturally, I only work with goods and services that I truly believe in and would recommend to friends.
If you think we'd be a good match, please contact me!



Site Stats
via Alexa.com, as of August 18, 2010
Ranked within top 500K of all sites world-wide, and top 80K of all US sites.
Visitors to Secondcitysoiree.com view an average of 4.6 unique pages per day, and spend a total of eight minutes on the site during each visit.

via Quantcast.com, as of August 18, 2010
If we were to snapshot the typical SCS reader, she would be a fashionable and educated urban-dwelling woman.  Breaking it down, most readers are:

  • women
  • age 25-44
  • holders of a bachelor's degree or higher
  • parents
  • household income over $100K
  • living in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles
  • interested in: bridal, fashion, cosmetics, parenting, jewelry, luxury goods, food, cooking, home decor and design, gardening


Visual Ads

The following ad options are on all pages, with a few exceptions (shown left):

300 x 100 above the fold (2 spaces available)
300 x 250 above the fold
300 x 100 below the fold (2 spaces)
300 x 250 below the fold


On the blog page:

125x125 below the fold (5 spaces)
300 x 100 above the fold
300 x 250 partially above the fold
300 x 100 below the fold (2 spaces)
300 x 250 below the fold (2 spaces)


Don't have a graphic that fits these sizes?  I can design one for you, for a small fee.  It will then be yours to keep and do with as you please.

All ads are subject to approval.


Ready to come on board? Contact me!


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