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Today on FTH - Dressing up basic tableware

Today on the Gals' Guide First Time Hostess series...what sort of tableware to buy and how to dress it up for different occasions.  We can't just go buying dishes and stemware willy-nilly, now can we?  Oh sure, maybe if you've got unlimited cash and storage space you can indulge in different patterns, but the First Time Hostess is often not in such a position.


Good purchase ................................. Not-so-good purchase


As you start to feather your nest and make it your own, you might find that you're no longer enamored with Mom's hand-me-down plates.  So, you decide to buy some dinnerware of your own.  There are so many choices, though...colorful fiestaware, pretty florals, fun holiday patterns.  How to choose?

Forget the patterns.  For maximum bang for your entertaining buck, choose plain white plates.

But that's so bor-ring, you cry!

Well, consider this.  That set of fiestaware might be perfect for tapas night, but what if you host a shower for your BFF?  Just try to coordinate your green, blue, yellow, and red plates with her "blush and bashful" bridal colors!  The result?  Less than chic.  And that's just not you.

Here's how to compile a versatile yet relatively inexpensive arsenal of table topping gear:

Start with the basics:

From there, you can switch out:

  • Table runners (buy theme-appropriate fabric at the fabric store and use hem tape to give it a hem...I won't tell!)
  • Napkin rings (use linen napkins...they dress up any occasion and are GREEN)
  • Decorative packing tape to decorate your plates and glasses
  • Centerpieces (craft stores are your friend...if you're not the DIY type, stick to low, compact arrangements of flowers)
  • Themed accent plates (if you want to spend a little more and have extra storage space.  I don't, so I skip the accent plates)

This post originally appeared on GalsGuide.com

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