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iTunes/Cake Contest Winner

We had some great entries for the "Make up the History of the Persian Love Cake" contest!  Tales of love, war, untimely death - who knew you could pack so much drama into a baked good?

The winner is.... Chelsa!

Congratulations Chelsa, for being right up there with some of history's greatest rewriters!  I hearby declare this to be the (unverified) history of the Persian Love Cake:

The history of the Persian Love Cake dates back to 12th century Mongol invasion of Persia. When the Persian tribes first got word that the Mongols were advancing, they decide to sway the Mongols with lavish gifts.

The first tribe that the Mongols reached were expert blade makers, and offered examples of their finely crafted knives. The Mongols in turn decided that the knives needed to be tested, and did so on the tribe. No one was spared.

The second tribe heard of the catastrophe of the first and decided to sway them with drink. They offered the Mongols barrels of the finest wine. The Mongols accepted the terms and drank the barrels of wine. Alas, drunk Mongols with new knives do not keep their word. No one was spared.

The third tribe had many beautiful women, who offered themselves up to the Mongols. Unfortunately, there were not enough women for all the Mongols, so the ones left behind needed something to occupy their time and energy. No one was spared.

The fourth tribe was in a quandary. Gifts, wine, and women did not work. They could see the Mongols coming and knew they would arrive by morning. As the tribe was meeting, an old baker women named Layla quietly slipped out, with an idea. The next morning the Mongols approached the village at full speed but stopped short when they saw the villagers lined up, each holding a gorgeous white cake decorated with rose petals. The greedy Mongols tried the spicy yet sweet concoction. As they did, their faces changed from those of bloodthirsty killers to grown men reminiscing of sweet treats baked by loving mothers. They dropped their weapons. Some started to weep. Everyone was spared.


By the way, I'm running another contest later this week...one which does not involve cakes or creative writing.  :)

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