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Real Soirees: A Sex and the City Bridal Shower

We're starting a REAL SOIREES feature here on Second City Soiree, and just in time for the SATC movie sequel, our first featured party is a Sex and the City Bridal Shower.

The signature colors of black and hot pink are always a popular choice for SATC parties, but Megan's friends went a little above and beyond for her poolside bridal shower. Read on for the details and be inspired for your own SATC party ideas...


The event began with a mystery text instructing Megan to look in her closet. There she saw a little black dress, pink accessories, and instructions to get dressed and wait for a pre-arranged cab to pick her up.

Once on scene, she found guests donned in the apparel of their favorite SATC character. A costume contest was later held, with Megan as the judge!

The bride received four gift bags, each filled with character-appropriate lingerie (classy for Charlotte; leopard print for Samantha, etc.)

Sounds like a great party, Megan. Thanks for sharing!

(Looking for more SATC inspiration? Check out "East Coast meets Middle East")



Want your event to be featured in REAL SOIREES? Submit photos and details of your shower, wedding, kid's b-day, cocktail party, backyard bbq, etc. to Jen!

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Reader Comments (2)

Just came across your blog. Love it! Sex and the City Bridal Shower what a fabulous idea! I might just have to do this for my own bridal shower!

You have a new follower!


Thanks, Erica!

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