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Six FRIGHTENING (but not gory) Halloween FILMS

A lot of people don't like scary movies, and I think that often, what they mean is they don't like gory movies. I totally agree. Films that twist your world and make you think are more my speed - The Sixth Sense, for instance. I've put together a short list of psychological thrillers you might not have seen before, some of which you can get on iTunes (links included). Pass the truffled popcorn!

The Others (2001)
Ah, my favorite scary movie! This period film takes place in the the 1940s and is loosely based on the novela The Turn of the Screw. Life is lonely for Nicole Kidman and her two children at their isolated house on the isle of Jersey. Just when she needs help the most, a group of servants appear and offer their services...
The Innocents (1961)
This BAFTA-nominated British film is also based on The Turn of the Screw, but interprets it from a much different angle. It stars Deborah Kerr and Michael Redgrave, with Truman Capote as a screenplay co-writer.
Stir of Echoes (1999)
When Kevin Bacon's character undergoes hypnosis, it opens his mind to a host of unwanted activity. Lots of Chicago shots, for my fellow Windy City dwellers.
The Presitge (2006)
Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are rival stage magicians in 1890s London. Their stage shows turn into a deadly competitive game, with one constantly striving to out-do the other.
The Machinist (2004)
Another film staring Christian Bale, this time as a disturbed factory work with a repressed memory. As the memory bubbles to the surface, his concept of reality quickly becomes unhinged.
Momento (2000)
This Oscar winning film tells the tale of a man suffering from amnesia, struggling to uncover his wife's murderer. Two story sequences - one in color and the other in black and white - are seemingly separate until they come together at the end.

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