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Makeup KITS for BUSY Days

wedding makeup kits

I don't remember the date specifically, but this Chicago Tribune article claims that Liz Claiborne's "Season of Color" compact came out in March of 1993. I'm guessing I received it as a birthday present the following month. This Swiss Army Knife of beauty was my makeup BFF for a solid year after that. 

With holes at the top for lipstick, mascara, and applicators, the flippy compact also contained eyeshadow, blush, and two mirrors on the inside. No bigger than a deck of cards, it was complete enough for full touch-ups after gym (or English, or band, or anytime I opened my locker...ok, I was one of those girls who never passed up an opportunity to fluff).

High school is long past, but busy days (wedding days!) still call for powerful makeup kits. While I haven't seen anything like "Season of Color" since, here are four compacts that pull double duty with aplomb.



The Clinique and Trish McEvoy compacts are the most complete of the bunch. Of course, Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks are well-known and adored. You can brush over the entire brick for an overall glow, or use an applicator to swipe just specific colors for highlighting, eyeshadow, blush. The POP compact has similar uses, plus features the sweet butterfly shape. Have you seen any other versatile compacts?

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